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Outlook Festival 2018

05-09 SEP 2018

Experience Europe's largest soundsystem culture festival and party in an abandoned fortress in Croatia. Now for it's 10th year it is set to be something special!

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Outlook Festival 2017

Explosive deep bass beats, days of blissful sunshine and nights of endless partying on the beach – it’s got to be the Outlook Festival.

While it might take place in Croatia, its origins are strictly English, having sprouted from the Leeds event SubDub nine years ago. Since then, it’s grown to be Europe’s biggest and most highly anticipated bass party. And no wonder. It’s organisers offer the real deal – cutting edge, underground soundsystem music in all its genres, from dub to drum & bass, hip-hop, dubstep and jungle.
More than 15,000 festival-goers head to the Fort of Punta Christo every year to enjoy pounding performances on unique stages mounted in and around the fort, as well as on its scenic beach.

In 2016, its 9th edition, Outlook proved its worth once more, promising thumping soul and groove from the godfather of reggae-dub, Mad Professor, ripping dubstep from Dutch electronic trio Noisia, and deep grime from British rapper Stormzy. US hip-hop artist Joey Bada$$ and drum & bass maestro Dj Hype were also vibrating bodies and minds with their sounds.
The programming didn't stop there, of course, and more than 250 artists came and celebrated the end of the summer in one of the most beautiful parts of Croatia.

Anyone still wondering why Outlook was awarded “Best Overseas Festival” at the UK festival awards in 2011?

Numerous boat parties also take place throughout the day for those who want to take their bass out into the blue waters of the Adriatic.

Opening times

Wednesday 6th September: TBC
Thursday 7th September: TBC
Friday 8th September: TBC
Saturday 9th September: TBC
Sunday 10th September: TBC

Venue Info


Pula is the new Eldorado of young Europeans, and with good reason. Its breath-taking coastline, interspersed with numerous little turquoise coves and inlets, is counted as one of the most beautiful of the Istrian peninsula. Summertime temperatures rarely exceed 25C, allowing you to enjoy the best of the sunshine without melting under your sunhat. The nightlife is buzzing, and to top it all off, it has an exceptional architectural heritage bequeathed to it by the Romans.

Once you’ve visited the many ancient ruins in Pula (notably its 1st Century AD amphitheatre) and chilled on the beautiful beaches of Verudela, the party may be calling. If so, Pula has definitely got the answer.

While bars close fairly early, the clubs keep pumping out tunes all through the night. If you’re not musically fussy, go to Aruba or Zen Club, situated northeast of the city centre. Commercial hits, packed dancefloors and an all-round good party atmosphere are guaranteed. Prefer something more alternative? Then go to club Uljanik in the heart of town. It’s a veritable institution of 60 years standing, with eclectic programming that alternates between live indie bands and DJ sets. Its also got an outdoor space that fills up with crowds as soon as the good weather arrives.

How to get there

By shuttle: the airport shuttle connects Pula’s main bus station in about 15 minutes and runs 4 times a day from 9.30am to 5.10pm. One single ticket costs 23kn (3€/2,30£) if you buy it online, and 30kn (4€/3£) on board. Please visit this website to consult schedule and/or book your ticket in advance. -

By taxi: you will find taxis lined up outside the airport building next to the bus terminal. A taxi ride from the airport to the city centre of Pula should costs between 120 and 150kn (16€-20€ / 12,50£-15,50£). Taxi rides from the airport to the festival gates costs between 200 and 400kn (25€-55€ / 20£-40£).

If your plane lands at Venice Marco-Polo Airport, Venice Treviso Airport, Trieste Airport, Ljubljana Airport or Zagreb Airport, fear not. Dimensions Festival have arranged shuttles from these airports to the festival gates, which you can book online here!

Currency and payments Even though Croatia is part of the European Union, the official currency of the country is the Croatian Kuna (kn). The exchange rate is around 7,50kn to the Euro or 9,50kn to the British Pound. Click here to check the most updated currency exchange rates.

City Info

Fort Punta Christo

Built at the end of the 19th Century on a small peninsula 45 metres above sea level, Fort Punta Christo was once one of twelve lookout posts that surrounded the port town of Pula.

Now abandoned, its ruins are transformed into a psychedelic wonderland over the course of a long festival weekend. A number of unique stages are set up around the Fort, fully taking advantage of its varied terrain to maximise the festival experience. The best of these are perhaps Noah’s Ballroom, a small circular pit, and The Moat, a 100 metre long passageway where the beats reverberate off 7-metre high walls.

And that’s not all. The fort has over than more 250 spaces over an area of 10,000 m2. While they’re not all turned into stages, they do allow for some fairy-tale wandering.

On-site services and practical information

Minimum age and access to the festival: you must be at least 18 to attend the event. Please do carry your ID card with you at all times as security guards are allowed to a carry out random ID checks regardless of age.

Please make sure that you have sturdy shoes on. Wearing flip flops is not allowed (for your own good!)

On-site payments and ATMs: the local currency is the Croatian Kuna. In order to buy things at the festival site and around the campsite you will need to exchange your kunas for Outlook Tokens. We recommend that you buy a reasonable amount of tokens at a time as you won’t be able to exchange them back into cash.

There will be several ATM’s on the festival site, however these won’t be accessible to day ticket holders, so make sure you have enough cash with you! You will be able to exchange most currencies at the Camp Brioni reception, which is completely independent of the festival.